Bring Your Vision To LIFE.

Imagine if you could step into your superpower and create success doing the work that inspires you – while helping others to live better.

How would that change your life?

Welcome to the realm of possibility – congratulations on making it this far!  I believe I can help make the world a better place by helping YOU to help others, so I created a space for wellness experts - coaches, therapists, healers, alternative medicine professionals, even conscious financial planners - to get help creating and growing a business and life they love.

What do you need right now?

360-BIZ Coaching

360 Business Coaching

Tap into your genius, build the confidence, and take ACTION to unleash your power and create the business and life you want.


    A Captivating Brand

    Spread your message and make a BIG impact with your compelling story, unique strategy, and an oh-so-YOU visual brand.

      Writing, Editing, Design

      Get the smart content and strategy that shows off your genius and style… and gets your prospects to take action.

        Your business has a story to tell. One that will capture the attention and hearts of your ideal clients. It's your brand story, and it's much more than a tagline, a logo, and some copy. It's how you communicate your "WHY"... how you make your prospects feel... it's the foundation of all your marketing. Without a brand story, you're just part of the online noise.

        • • •

        Let's Create

        "Michelle's work at Uplevel You has been nothing short of amazing. Within the first year, Michelle increased site visits by over 75%, increased Facebook referrals by almost 1,000% (yes, that's three zeros), and increased organic search by over 50%. She was able to do all of this in part because she has an amazing ability to see both the big picture AND the details. But, equally important, she is able to deal with the daily chaos of small business growth with a constant smile and just the slightest hint of biting sarcasm. What more could you want in a marketing pro?"

        - Andrew Zetterholm, Director of Operations, Uplevel You

        “Michelle has a gift for pulling out the best in people and polishing their gifts so they can see them too." - Julia Thie, Acupuncture and Wellness Coaching

        "I needed to get clear on my core message and have guidance on how to present it strategically. [the unique brand strategy and marketing plan] put all the pieces together. I have so much more clarity because we crafted the vehicle to carry my message in a way that people understand, using their language without feeling phoney. I write much easier now because I am clear who I am speaking to, and what role I am taking in their lives. I’m expanding into different mediums of social media I had not thought of and sharing information I had taken for granted."

        - Julia Thie, Owner, Acupuncture and Wellness Coaching