Love Your Business.
Love Your Life.

I'm Michelle.

I'm the founder and CEO of IndigaMedia. I help conscious business owners and organizations grow their business online. BUT WHAT I REALLY DO IS... >>>

I Make You Irresistible.

I translate your ideas and vision into strategies, words, and images that unleash the essence and spirit of your brand. Your ideal clients can't help but want more.

Business and Catalyst Life Coach • Visionary Co-Creator • Storyteller • Strategist • Problem Solver • Ringleader

I believe...

...How you show up and communicate are everything. You may have the best idea or concept, but if you can’t describe its value, you won’t capture the attention of the clients you can best serve. Then you just have another forgotten idea.

...The best way to achieve success is by focusing on one thing, while still seeing the big picture.

...You can't solve a puzzle by looking at every piece individually, so don’t try doing that with your life.

...NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE IF YOU BELIEVE IN YOURSELF… and see the path to what you most desire.

And I've made it my mission to help people who are in it for the good of all to create and walk the path of ultimate fulfillment. 

I've worn several hats in my marketing career, from copywriter to PR pro to director and co-creator of big visions. You name it – I've probably done it.

My marketing journey began back when the BlackBerry was still the hottest mobile creation. (Shudder!) That's when I discovered that storytelling, social media, and digital marketing were not only the most enjoyable but one of the smartest ways to grow a business. Back then I was working for the largest non-profit healthcare system in Western North Carolina, and decided the time was ripe to come head to head with "the way things had always been done."

I made it my mission to persuade hesitant hospital CEOs, attorneys, doctors, and nurses of the urgent need for a social presence. Then, I worked in the trenches with my team, as we guided the organization through a digital transformation.

But the corporate world was not for me.

When I finally walked away from my job as a marketing director for an international business coaching company to start my own business, I never looked back. It was one of the most frightening, yet most empowering things I have ever done. The real reason I created this business, is to do what I love and work with people in whom I believe.

Since then I've helped conscious entrepreneurs and organizations – non-profits, coaching companies, life coaches, executive coaches, acupuncturists, therapists, wellness practitioners, creators of women's movements, and more – to unravel their purpose, create a stand-out brand, and develop marketing strategies that make them money doing what they love.

My clients most appreciate my ability to translate their vision into messaging and imagery that grows a profitable purpose-based business and brand. But what I hear more and more, is that they are floored from finally realizing their superpower and learning how to step graciously into it.

I guide experts in creating a brand, being seen, and doing what they love...  So they can ripple out a whole lot of positive to the world!

Together we make your vision a beautiful, living, breathing reality.

Together we make your vision a beautiful, living, breathing reality.

The Official bio goes something like this...

Michelle is the founder and CEO of IndigaMedia (soon to be 360Reset.Biz), a business coaching and media shop for wellness experts and entrepreneurs. She is also co-owner of the upcoming 360Reset Coaching, which will offer life and business coaching, workshops, programs, and retreats.

With a focus in the health and wellness industry, Michelle has helped conscious entrepreneurs and organizations – non-profits, coaching companies, life coaches, executive coaches, acupuncturists, therapists, wellness practitioners, and more – to create a unique and compelling brand and stand-out content to grow their business online.

She has 13+ years of marketing under her belt, having worked for the largest healthcare system in Western North Carolina, non-profits, and small businesses. She decided to take her show on the road in 2015 to become her own boss, do what she loves, and never again have to sit in a torturous staff meeting.

Michelle uses her marketing background to offer a unique blend of business and life coaching to take professionals from indecision to total clarity. She helps them to discover their purpose, find their niche, unleash their genius, learn how to build a strong personal brand and grow their business online – so they can confidently step out, be seen, and make money doing what they love. She also intensely loves young adults and helps those soon to be entering “real life” to discover their superpowers and pave their path to a fulfilled life.

    Who We Serve



    > Are smart and savvy purpose-driven experts, entrepreneurs, and small business owners who want to make the world a better place. They are passionate about what they do and are willing to do the work to meet their goals. They offer quality products or services that help their own clients advance and live better lives.


    > Are NOT closed off to new ways of doing things. They don't avoid doing the work to improve their products and services. And they don't expect quick one-off tactics that have no strategy behind them – as they know that those do not work.


    > Love working with us because we believe in what they do, and are 100% in their corner. It's a win-win. We're happy with what we're doing with our lives. And, we're a force for good in the world. Idealistic? Hell, yes! We're okay with that.

    We get close and personal. Just enough to have fun and make sure you are heard and understood every step of the way. I'm personally involved with all clients and live for guiding them from idea to the creation of their vision. Our work together is in-depth and involves getting to know you, your hopes, dreams and desires.

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