What Kind of “Personal Brand” Do I really Need?

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Michelle Knox, Lone Red Design

To brand or not to brand! Before you decide that, you’d better know what the heck branding really means! Otherwise, it’s like saying “I want a gelato” when what you really want is a cheesecake. And that would just be a waste of your money, no?

What I hear a lot from some really smart business owners is that branding is the LEAST of your worries. But these guys are not exactly referring to branding the right way. There are such inconsistencies with how we talk about branding, that I called up my pal – the very talented and highly-sought-out brand stylist Michelle Knox, owner of Lone Red Design – to get the real deal. Plus who can resist two red-heads both named Michelle? No, this is not going South… I promise!!! (PLUS, Michelle is giving away a very cool FREE offer that will help you as you grow your brand.)

Click below to watch the video.


Get Michelle’s 5 Tips to Get the Most from Your Brand Photo Shoot right HERE.

No, what do you think? What kind of branding do you need?


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